Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Daily 5 Box

I got the idea of giving each of my students their own box from reading The Daily 5, other blogs and looking in other teachers classrooms.

In our learning space my students Daily 5 box is kept in a reachable area and the students responsibility to look after them. These boxes stay with them during our Daily 5 time and in a way they are each individualised to their learning and needs.

The Ingredients:
- 3 or 4 books that the student has chosen using I-PICK, that being a 'best-fit' book
- a book that is being used during Guided Reading
- a writing book to complete 'Work on Writing' and 'Word Work' tasks
- I-PICK bookmark
- a coloured folder to keep work that is done during 'Word Work', 'Work on Writing' or 'Listening to Reading' 
- Look, Say, Cover,Write, Check book
- flash cards to remind of expectations 
- student chosen 'Daily 5' goal
- a set of spelling words
- laminated handwriting sheet
- any work that is a work in progress

As you can probably see from the picture I like to be organised (and it has rubbed off my students) and everything is labelled in their boxes and also around the room. This stops those questions of 'where does this go?'.

I love these boxes, not only is everything kept together (great for assessment), but the students are so proud of them and love showing them off to visitors.



  1. It's so fantastic to find another Aussie teacher using Daily 5 in their classroom! I am about to start with my Preppies and I absolutely love your ideas of what to include in their book boxes - they look very organised! I decided to use plastic folders this year but now I kind of wish I got the magazine's not too late! Where did you get yours from? I am definitely borrowing some of your ideas =)

  2. Thanks Casey, I got them from k-mart and office works. The kids have really looked after them so they should last more than the year. I would love to know how Daily 5 works with your kiddies. I feel that these boxes contents will be forever changing.

    Check out - Paulas Place. We team taught together last year.

    Cheers Claire