Saturday, 6 April 2013

Daily 5 and 1/2H

Work on Writing 
I am sure that how we each run our Daily 5 looks different in each learning space. I have tailored The Sisters - Daily 5 to suit my teaching style. If you have read The Daily 5 by Gail Bouchey and Joan Moser (if you havent, get your hands on a copy) you would note that they encourage their students to pick which task they would like to do. I have structured my two hour English block so that each student completes the 5 tasks of 'Read to Self', 'Read to Someone' 'Work on Writing', 'Word Work' and 'Listen to Reading' each day.

Our day begins with all students completing 'Read to Self' then moving onto 'Read to Someone' which takes about 40 minutes. We then meet together to read a book (focusing on a particular reading strategy) and share our Learning Intention, Success Criteria and Learning Behaviours for the day. The students then rotate through the last three tasks. It has taken us nearly all term, but they are now able to work independently while I work with a small guided reading group or  have a conference with an individual student. Some days I step back and take in what is happening in my room and the enthusiasm and independence my students show for their learning never fails to surprise me. Dont get me wrong, it didnt happen over night but it has happened!

Word Work 

I would love to know what Daily 5 looks like in your space.


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