Saturday, 13 April 2013

Not just Teaching

Not only is teaching and learning one of my passions, I also enjoy as I call it 'Crafting'.

My Nana, Sadie who is turning 99 in July was an amazing seamstress, who passed this skill onto my mum, my sister and I. Although I think some of the talent in regards to knitting were lost on me. I spent many school holidays rummaging through my Nana's material room and her teaching me her craft, although I still can't knit!

Over the last few years I have been to local craft markets (following in my Mum's footsteps) and selling my 'Made to Measure' handmade items of brooches, hair clips and headbands created out of tape measures and buttons.

In the last week my sister had a little baby girl 'Isla Sadie' and another friend had a baby girl too. I just had to make them something, so I had a go at making a knotted blanket (no sewing required) and I think they turned out just gorgeous.


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