Friday, 7 June 2013

Five 4 Friday

Hi all, where has the week gone?!
I am linking up with Casey from Doodle Bugs with my Five for Friday.

One - It's the weekend

Lucky for me it's report writing day and Monday is a public holiday. I get to enjoy a four day weekend as I have finished my reports.

Two - Are we there yet?

Early this morning we hit the road to begin our 7 hour journey to Canberra. My partner will be working here next month, so we thought we would make the most of the long weekend and check out Canberra.

Three - We made it!!

We arrived in our Nation's Capital just after lunch. We unpacked and headed to Parliament House.

 Tomorrow I will get my 'Teacher Nerd' on and spend some time at the National Museum of Australia and the War Museum. 

Four - Our Learning

Our classroom has lots of windows and I love to show off our work and learning.

Four - Winter

It's winter here in Aus and we have already had a record amount of rain.

Guess what I forgot to pack for our holiday? That's right my jacket!! 


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

More Science

We explored how lightning and thunder are formed today. 

We began by brainstorming all that we knew. 

Then we checked out a website on our Interactive Whiteboard. 

We then made static electricity with balloons, our hair and other things in our classroom.


Later on we made thunder when we popped a paper bag.


Friday, 31 May 2013

Five for Friday

What a week!! I didn't think I would make it to Friday, but I did so here I am with my Five for Friday with Kacey from Doodle Bugs.

Number One – Measuring
This week we have been exploring informal measurement using unifix blocks and icy pole sticks. The kids had a ball predicting and measuring their friends, I even got involved.

Number Two – Moon Pictures
The paint has dried on their artwork and their moons look amazing.

Number Three – Once in a Blue Moon
I received an email from my dad during the week showing off an amazing picture he took of the moon on his new camera (which linked perfectly into our topic). Lucky for me I get to have his old camera. 

Number Four – Interesting words
This week one of our learning focuses during Daily 5 was 'to look for and using interesting words in our reading and writing'. Our focus was based on ‘Expanding our Vocabulary’ from CAFE Literacy. While the students were reading they recorded any interesting words that they heard and then added five to our class list. 

Number Five – Toby
This week has been a crazy week and I have neglected my fur child – Toby. This weekend is dedicated to taking him on big walks and of course helping me write my school reports.

Happy report writing to all the Aussie Bloggers.


Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Day in May

Our school was a blur of yellow today as we took part in 'A Day in May' supporting the Challenge Foundation - a non-profit group providing services and support for children affected by cancer.

We dressed in yellow, we danced in yellow and we sang in yellow. 

We bopped lunch away to a disco in our gym. 


Monday, 27 May 2013

Painting the Moon

Using paint, flour and bottle caps we painted moons today.

While some children we painting the rest of the grade were writing facts and description words for the moon. This was the planning for our information report we are writing later on in the week.


Friday, 24 May 2013

Five for Friday

I am trying my first Five for Friday by linking up with Kacey and Doodle Bugs for Five for Friday.

Number One - Books the best gift after diamonds
I finally received one of my favourite books 'The Aunties Three', which I popped into the post for my new little niece Isla. I was really excited when I saw that Nick Bland has released his latest book 'King Pig'. Paula and I got to had a sneak preview of this book last year while we were teaching his niece. 

Number Two - The Moon 
My students and I have been learning about the phases of the moon, I also learnt a lot when I realised I had been teaching them about the Northern Hemisphere phases when we actually live in the Southern Hemisphere. Let's say science isn't always my forte. 

Making a moon finder

Number Three - I'm an Aussie Blogger
I linked up with Paula from Paula's Place, who is one of my good friends and previous team teaching buddy, to celebrate and share bloggers in Australia. 

Number Four - Family
My beautiful Nana, Sadie who will be 99 in July is currently battling a chest infection and is quite unwell. I have spent the last few days realising just how precious our families are and all the wonderful times I have spent with my Nana. She is strong woman and I know she will be fine. 

Number Five - Anything Goes
A friend and I went to see a local production of 'Anything Goes', they a fantastic job and I was quietly jealous of their talent. I love going to musicals and supporting my local community. 


Walk to School Day

Today our school took part in the a national Walk to School Day, to encourage our students and families to walk, ride or scoot to school.

When they arrived at school they received a sticker and a cup of fruit salad. We also made it a crazy shoe and sock day, of course I got involved. I do love a dress up day! 

We celebrated the day at assembly by getting some of the best crazy shoes and socks to parade up on stage. We had over 300 kids walk, ride or scoot to school.

Whoops I forgot to lose the socks when I went to the shops.