Tuesday, 26 March 2013


Today I asked my students to complete a reflection sheet on their learning for the term. This will be the last task to go in their portfolios for the term. After reading their reflections and adding a teacher comment I was overwhelmed by the goals that they have set themselves for next term. Not only were the goals reflecting their learning, but they were also achievable. 

I shared these reflections with my classroom neighbor, Sue and she commented that this was feedback on my teaching from my students. A common theme was their enjoyment of Daily 5 and our recent Pirate Day. 

As I was reading their reflections I started to reflect on my own teaching this year. 

This year I  have made the big change moving from Prep (where I had been for three years) to teaching 1/2. I had the requested 1/2 as I wanted to move away from Prep and continue to develop my teaching skills and own learning. As well as sharing the journey of learning with some of my previous Preppies. 

Last year I team taught with Paula, who also happens to be an amazing teacher, coach and Leading Teacher at my school. We had spent a lot of time last year developing our and our students skills and knowledge in Daily 5 and I really wanted to continue on with this with our students. My focus this term has been continuing to develop Daily 5 and after reading my students reflections/feedback I think I am doing a pretty good job.

One day to go... Where has the term gone?!  



  1. What a great idea to start a blog Claire!
    Great job - I love hearing and reading about fellow teachers reflections and ideas.
    I look forward to reading more :)

  2. Thanks Eve, planning to share plenty more

  3. Thanks for the lovely words Claire - I loved working closely with you last year and do miss you. You are doing an amazing job and should be extremely proud of what you are doing this year.

  4. What's "daily 5" for the uninitiated?

  5. Hi Christie, I will be exploring that soon