Monday, 25 March 2013

Arrgghh it's nearly Pirate Day

I have been wanting to start a blog all term after following a few other teacher's blogs. So here I am in the last week of the term and I finally decided to get organised and let's say this bugs me as I love to be organised.

Ahoy! Tomorrow is Pirate Day in my section and I can't wait to celebrate our term of learning 'Down to the Sea' with my students and the other 1/2 grades. We have a fun filled day of pirate activities planned including a parade, drawing ourselves as pirates, finding our pirate name, creating pirate biscuits and many other things.

I absolutely love dress up days and I can't wait to see all of students dressed up and show off my outfit. Although I have learnt that I hate velvet and trying to sew with it!

I look forward to sharing our celebrations with you tomorrow.



  1. Loving you start to blog world. Can't wait to see photos of all pirates things.