Tuesday, 26 March 2013

A Successful Pirate Day


Wow what a day... I am happy to say Pirate Day was a success. The day began with photos and then a parade for some of the older students. It was fabulous to see 80 plus students and teachers dressed up.

My students took part in writing tasks, drawing themselves as a pirate, word searches, decorating a biscuit, playing roll a pirate, making a pirate hat and attending pirate library.

 I do love dressing up and planning a day around the theme. Thank you to my volunteer student teacher and integration aide they were a fantastic help and I am learning to let go (I do like to be in control).

I threw my student teacher off the plank and fed her to the sharks today by getting her to plan and take a writing lesson. As any teacher would know your first few lessons are nerve racking and it can be hard to focus students when they are dressed up. Emma did extremely well and should be proud of her lesson and teaching.

I topped of a great day with sharing my Literacy planning with a group of teachers from my school (which I will be sharing in a later blog) and for those wondering yes I was in costume. 


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