Sunday, 5 May 2013

1 + 1 = 2

For four hours a week I take a Cohort group for Maths 'Maths Movers', which means our three grades (Sue’s, Carmen/Louie’s and mine) are split into 3 new grades based on needs and abilities. Over the last few months I have been playing with my Maths planning and planners using the basis of Daily 5. Last year Paula played around with this with our grade and I have taken it a little further.

Our classroom timetable, excuse
the messing writing.
 I have taken out the
students names.
So I guess you could say I have Daily 4 Maths -
1.     Maths with Teacher – work with me
2.     Maths with Someone – partner work, such as a game
3.     Maths with Self – working on fluency of numbers/counting or number recall
4.     Maths with ICT – playing a maths game related to the topic
When I introduced the four tasks I referred back to our Daily 5 Literacy. I still work on the principle of ‘whole-small-whole’, starting the lesson with a short introduction, then going off and doing our four tasks and ending with a reflection. In one session/hour I see each group once. Our timetable is displayed in the classroom and the students are able to independently follow along.

It is lovely how the students have taken to this; I guess their experience with Daily 5 Literacy has really helped them settle in and understand the process.

Students brainstorm of what they
know about Addition.
My next step with my planning is to link into the four strands of AusVELs Maths –
-     -  Problem Solving
-      - Reasoning
-      - Understanding
-      - Fluency
through making these visible in my planning, to my students via our Maths Timetable and making them aware of this language.

I would love to know what your Maths lesson looks like.

Maths with Someone

Maths with Self - Mental Recall and Fluency 

Maths with Self - Mental Recall 

Maths with ICT

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